On Losing Weight While Being Good to Yourself

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is whether or not it’s possible to set a goal of losing weight while being good to yourself mentally and physically. I’d like to think that it is, but I believe it might be trickier than it first appears.

When you’re counting calories and trying to get in a certain amount of exercise each week it is so easy to let that critical inner voice come through. You might start labeling foods as good or bad instead of just accepting them for what they are: fuel. You might berate yourself for going out for a drink with your friends instead of working out. You start looking at your lifestyle as one of deprivation and rules rather than one of health and good choices.

This has been true for me, at least, in the past. The last time I lost a nice amount of weight (about a year ago) none of those things happened because I didn’t track anything; I didn’t weigh myself; I didn’t think about what I should or shouldn’t eat. I simply worked out a lot and ate mostly vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and cut down on meat, poultry, and dairy. I didn’t even do a lot of it consciously. It just sort of all fell into place.

Sadly, what worked then isn’t really working now, so I’ve joined Sparkpeople to track my calories and my activity. So far it’s been kind of fun. I haven’t really explored much in the way of the Community aspect yet. I’ve mostly just been using the trackers. In the past I haven’t had much success with these types of sites, but I haven’t had any sustainable success with anything I’ve done so fa, either. Since it’s free, I figure it’s worth a shot. However, I plan on staying very aware of my inner dialogue to make sure it doesn’t veer too often into the oh so familiar self-critical territory.

I intend to do everything differently this time around and that includes being kind to myself all along the journey.


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