Weekly Round-up & Random Musings

Well, I’m holding steady this week. No loss, but no gain. I did a mid-week check-in on Thursday evening and was up 2.6 pounds. I was pretty sure it was hormonal bloat and, apparently, I was right. According to my Sparkpeople account I’m not eating enough calories based on the amount of exercise I’m doing. I keep exceeding my exercise goals. So I made some adjustments and now have a slightly higher calorie range to meet. There were a few days where I didn’t even reach the lower minimum. I obviously need to pay more attention to what I’m doing.

I’ve noticed that my stomach is much, much happier with me when I’m not eating dairy. The last two weeks I’ve limited my dairy to Greek yogurt and I’ve been feeling much better digestion-wise. I’ve also noticed that too much salad causes a similar problem.

So I’m trying to be good to my body and treat it well. It obviously is freaking out and wants to shut down the weight loss in order to protect me from starvation. Oh, body, if only you realized that you’ve been doing too good of a job of that since day one! Eventually it will come around and let go of the pounds. I just need to be patient, consistent, and kind.

Well, I’m off to the beach today. Trying to savor the last few days of summer weather. I do love the autumn, though, especially the clothes: sweaters, dresses, boots, scarves. I’m a firm believer in dressing well and looking put together at any size. I just feel so much better about myself when I’m put together. I ordered two new dresses that were on sale yesterday from Land’s End. I’ve really been loving their clothes lately. Hopefully I end up liking these just as much!

I originally planned on ordering them when I reached my end of the year goal, but then they went on sale and I couldn’t resist. I’m sure I’ll come up another reward by December.

Happy new week, everyone!

*Photos from Landsend.com


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