Thanksgiving Countdown

This year I’m making my very first Thanksgiving meal for just me and my husband. It will be our first Thanksgiving together, so I’m excited and nervous! I’ve never cooked a Turkey before and, of course, everyone has a different method and varying advice. I’m aiming to keep it all as simple and tasty as possible. On the menu: roasted turkey (of course), stuffing (Mom’s recipe), corn bread, roasted turnips and brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, homemade cranberry sauce, and store-bought apple pie. Just typing that all out makes me tired! I’ve found some lighter and healthier recipes for some of the dishes from sites like Luckily, my husband is from Turkey (the country) and has never really celebrated Thanksgiving before so even if it doesn’t turn out so great, he won’t have anything to compare it to.  😉

No Excuses November, has been going pretty well exercise-wise. I’m on track to hit my goal of 20 gym visits. I even plan on going Thanksgiving morning since my gym will be open until 3:00 p.m.! One of the things I love about New York City is that it does not completely shut down for the holidays.

I have to admit it’s been a struggle to get to the gym and continue eating well due to all kinds of stress. The biggest stress right now is that my husband is looking for a job. He’s been out of work for a few months now and my anxiety just keeps on rising. I keep praying every day that something will come along and I have faith that it will, but the waiting and not being able to really do anything to help is killing me. I hate feeling so helpless and out of control. I’m doing my best to keep his spirits up and to help him with the job search, but some days I just feel like all the hope is gone. It is exhausting. Somehow, I’ve managed to keep working out and not “eat my feelings” too often, but it has definitely been a challenge. I can’t wait until he is settled in somewhere and we have a new routine.

It’s times like these that make me so grateful for my job. Without it, we’d really be in trouble right now. I’ve been taking time to step back and try to see what else I’m supposed to be getting out of this experience. It’s definitely deepened our relationship and it’s helped me to realized I need to better manage my stress and anxiety. Being super stressed and anxiety-ridden is not going to help him get a job any faster. We will make it through this somehow.



No Excuses November

Aaaand we’re back! I can’t believe I haven’t posted here in so long. Life got really busy, stressful and full of excuses which I’m not even going list here because at the end of the day, they weren’t really all that legitimate. One thing I will say is that part of the reason I haven’t been posting is because I’m finding my posts kind of boring. I’ve done some thinking and decided I want to change it up a bit. There will probably still be progress posts and check-ins, but what I’m more interested in is the emotional and mental processes that go along with the physical side of getting healthy. This is going to be a challenge because I’m not much of a sharer, but I think once I get more comfortable with it this will become a much more lively blog.

I created a challenge for myself in order to get back on track in life and on here: No Excuses November. My goal is to get to the gym at least 20 times this month and to post at least 10 times. I’m sure I can do more, but I want to make sure these goals are achievable and sustainable. I’ve decided to only weigh-in once a month for now. I want to focus on how my body is feeling rather than what the scale is telling me. Nutrition wise I plan to up the seasonal vegetables and fruits, and really focus on cutting out excess carbs (not all carbs, just reduce the amount of meals that contain white pasta or rice). Simple, achievable goals. Let’s see where November takes us!