Figuring it Out One Step at a Time

Being new to (well, really it’s more like a second attempt at) this whole running thing is interesting. There’s still a lot to figure out. For example, would I like to run outside more than I like the treadmill? I really don’t like the treadmill, but I think it’s good for getting me used to running without having to worry about other things like safe routes and bad weather.  In the spring, would I like to run around the track in the park near my apartment or would that be too reminiscent of traumatic high school gym classes? Is it better to listen to music while I run or would I enjoy it more in silence? In the past, I didn’t like to listen to music because I felt like it threw off my rhythm. This time around it’s been fine so far, but I wonder what will happen when I get to the point where I’m running more than I’m walking. So many things to think about and try in the coming weeks.

I also realized I may need some additional gear. First off, I desperately need a hairband that wicks away sweat. I grew my bangs out a while ago and so I’m constantly dealing with sweat getting into my eyes. I’ve looked at the Bondi Bands, BIC Bands, and the offerings at Lulu Lemon, but I can’t decide. It’s the little decisions that are the hardest for this Libra!

If I want to run outside and listen to music, I’m going to need one of those sleeve cases for my iPhone. It looks like there are lots of types available. I just need to make myself pick one. Again, these pesky little decisions drive me nuts!

I’m also considering getting a pedometer/monitor that tracks the amount of calories burned. It might be helpful to have a more accurate count than what the machines read. I’ve heard good things about FitBit. Maybe I’ll make it my reward for completing C25K.

At any rate, last night’s workout wasn’t bad. I did find myself thinking about people who enjoy long runs and realized they couldn’t possibly be doing them on a treadmill. There’s just no way to enjoy THAT, right? I’m looking forward to getting to the point where I can find that out for myself.


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