Awesome Finish to C25K Week 7

I’m happy to report that after my frustration with week 7, day 1, I finished this week on a high note. I was scheduled to do day 2 on Thursday, but since I had a vacation day scheduled for Friday, I decided to postpone it a day. I’ve found that my best runs usually happen on days I have off from work, so why not? Well, I’m glad I did because I finished day 2 without any problems. The last few minutes were a struggle, but that always happens to me.

I also had a hot stone massage scheduled for Friday evening. It was so amazing. My massage therapist found all of my tension spots right away (neck, shoulders, lower back) and went to town. I wish massages weren’t so expensive. I would love to be able to go at least once a month. Maybe one day when I’m rich…

On Saturday I had an easy 30 minute elliptical session scheduled. Half-way through, my attention kept drifting over to the people on the treadmills. I actually felt a little envious that they were getting to run! After recovering from my initial shock at that thought (seriously, who have I become?!?), I decided to get in a short 15 minute run and see if I could work on my speed a little bit once I was finished with my elliptical session. I was worried my legs might be tired, but I did just fine and I managed to run at a faster pace for the majority of the time.

Today I had day 3 on the schedule and I was a little nervous because I woke up pretty sore today. I think it was the combination of massage, faster pace, and major house cleaning that did it. I made a deal with myself that I would try day 3 and it if seemed too hard I would do what I could and try again tomorrow. Happily, that deal was not necessary. I finished day 3 just fine! And now I just have one week left to work my way up to running for 30 minutes straight. I’m really amazed by this program.


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