C25K Complete!

It’s official! I completed week 8, day three of C25K tonight after work. I have to say I am very impressed with this program and the Zen Labs app. The progression worked really well for me. I only had two runs where I struggled a bit and walked a little during the running intervals. I am definitely going to continue running for the foreseeable future. My short-term plan is to alternate interval runs where I work on my speed with the straight forward 30 to 40 minute runs for distance. Hopefully, by early summer, I’ll feel comfortable enough with my progress to try the Bridge to 10K.

Now I feel like I can say that I’m a runner. A few months ago, that thought never would have crossed my mind. Amazing!


4 thoughts on “C25K Complete!

  1. Well done, that is a fantastic achievement :-).
    There are some great podcasts to help with speed and stamina following c25k – google NHS 5k+ speed stamina podcast.

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