Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates!

It turned out to be a pretty nice weekend weather-wise around here. Yesterday would have been perfect for an outdoor run, but I didn’t run at all this past week due to my hamstring problem. I took a few days off from working out completely. On Thursday I returned to the gym, tried a run but still felt a slight pain and decided the elliptical would be a better idea. I stuck to the elliptical and other cardio machines all weekend which I think was a good idea as I’ve been pain free for the past few days. Tomorrow night I’ll attend a Zumba class and then it’s back to running as much as I can. I’ve started to miss it!

I don’t have anything interesting to post tonight. Work has been extremely busy as predicted, so aside from a few happy hours and workouts, I’ve either been at work or trying to relax at home.

Oh! But I did sign up for my first 5K in June. I’ll be running/walking with a team from my work including a friend of mine. I’m really excited about it! Of course, it means I really have to take my runs outside soon. With any luck the weather will be steadily warming up soon. If I can just get through the next three weeks at work without keeling over from exhaustion, I’ll be in the clear to really focus on my training.



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