Final Countdown

It’s official – my first 5K is almost here! My friend and I picked up our race packets today, and now I’m really excited. Our packet included one of those horrible fitting team t-shirts that was definitely not designed for someone with boobs and hips. So I pulled out the scissors and got a little creative with the neck, arms, and bottom seam. I’m tempted to shorten it a bit, but I’m not that crafty. It’s much better than it was, but still not great. I’d be much happier wearing one of my regular running shirts. I guess that’s a casualty of running with a team.

Fashion problems aside, I’m really looking forward to the event. I fully acknowledge that I haven’t trained like I had hoped so my only goal is to have fun and get inspired to train for my next race in September. I have a tendency to be hard on myself, but I’m going to try my best to just enjoy the experience and not judge my performance.

As long as the weather improves like it is predicted to, it should be a fun evening. I’ll be back with a recap later this week!

Summer Lovin’

Howdy, folks! So sorry for the long silence. Life has been busy and full of stuff to do. Summer weather is finally here and I’ve been taking advantage of it!

A few weeks ago my husband and I went to his first ever professional baseball game! Now, even though I live in New York, I am a big Philadelphia sports team fan because I grew up in southern New Jersey. It kills my soul a little bit each time I step into a New York baseball stadium (unless it’s to watch them play the Phillies), but since the Mets’ stadium is practically down the street from my apartment, that’s where we went. I have to admit that I really do like Citifield. It’s a great ballpark. The night we went was a beautiful night for baseball. My husband really enjoyed it and we’ve been talking about going again (hopefully when they play the Phillies in July)!

View from our seats.

View from our seats.








On Memorial Day we had a NYC apartment style BBQ – hot dogs on the Forman grill, corn on the cob, salad, and store bought potato salad. It actually turned out pretty tasty! It was another beautiful day so we walked around the neighborhood enjoying the sun and the people-watching.

This past week I decided to get my hair lightened from a dark auburn to a strawberry blonde. It’s not quite the color I had in mind, but so far I’m really enjoying!

New Hair 2










In health related updates, I’ve been slacking a bit on my training for the 5k coming up on June 12th. I really doubt I’ll end up running the entire thing, especially if the heat keeps up like it has been the past few days. Surprisingly, I’m feeling okay with this fact. I’ve decided to look at this 5k as a chance to see what a race is like so that I’ll know how to better prepare for the next one. I’ve already signed up for an Electric Run in September and am looking for at least one more in the fall. Since work is about to seriously slow down in about two weeks, I’ll really be able to concentrate on training through the summer and hopefully finishing with a good time in September. This is going to be one sweaty summer!