On Adjusting

The time change over the past weekend has really thrown me for a loop! Just as I was getting into actually sleeping for 7 to 8 hours a night, the leap ahead has got me all screwed up again. One day I will wake up during the week feeling rested and refreshed! It’s not so hard, right?

Another area where I’ve been forced to do some adjusting is in my running. I’ve been battling a tight hip flexor and lower back problems for a while now. My chiropractor had cleared me for running as long as I didn’t hurt myself, and I didn’t, until two weeks ago when I ran for 30 minutes continuously for the first time in months and ended up with a ton of pain in my left hip. It was so bad that I couldn’t sleep and a heating pad and pain killers didn’t help. I made an appointment the next day and was told that since my hip flexor and back are still out of whack I really shouldn’t run for at least 6 months. So there goes the Hot Chocolate 5K that I signed up for in April! Luckily I can still go to Zumba class and use the elliptical. I didn’t work out for a full week in order to heal, but everything has been fine since. I even managed to lose a few more pounds, so there’s that.

I’m actually not all that bummed about not being able to run. A few days before my injury I had told my husband that I wasn’t sure running is for me. I like the idea of running. I sometimes like the actual act of running, but mostly I dread it and put it off for as long as possible. Zumba class, on the other hand, is something I look forward to all week long. Right now, I only go on Saturdays and Mondays, but I may add in a Thursday class on my lunch break in the summer.

I can finally see that my body has gotten a little smaller. Two weekends ago I went shopping for new jeans. My old pairs had holes in the thigh and were hanging off of me. When I tried on a pair of skinny jeans in a size smaller than usual I was elated that they fit like a glove and looked pretty good. I only got one pair since I will be going down in size again not too long from now (I hope). It’s nice to be able to see the progress on my body and not just on the scale. I plan on continuing this downward trend for as long as possible!



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