Moving Forward

Well, we all made it through Father’s Day just fine. I headed to my hometown for the weekend to get in some wedding planning with one of my brothers and his fiancee. On Sunday we were joined by our other brother for a quiet breakfast. We listened to Neil Young (one of dad’s favorites) on the drive, but that was pretty much the only reference made to this date from a year before.

Leading up to the weekend I was dreading how the day might be, but as it drew closer I noticed a sense of peace settling in. I thought about how this past year had been pretty trying, but the worst was behind us now. Once we made it through the first 365 days – through all the holidays and “firsts” without dad – we could move forward with a little more lightness and try to savor the memories instead of pushing them away. And so, on Father’s Day 2014 I actually felt a little bit of relief that we had all made it through intact and with things to look forward to (weddings, vacations, grad school, etc.). I think he would of been proud of all three of us for the way we handled everything. It feels like it will pretty much be all downhill from here. I am so, so grateful for that.


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