Happy Hour Workout

Last week a work friend and I decided to meet up for a workout at a new studio instead of imbibing at happy hour. A new boutique fitness studio called BFX had opened up in Chelsea and they were offering free classes for their first week. We signed up for their final free Burn class last night. It was so tough, but also so much fun!

The studio is really nice, modern, and clean. You register for your class online and check in on these huge kiosks in the lobby. The class holds about 20 people, I’d say – large enough to not feel like everyone’s eyes are on you and small enough to get some personal attention from the instructors. We had two instructors who were both super friendly, tough in a good way, and made the class a lot of fun.

The class itself was a high energy HIIT-style class. I had never done a HIIT workout before, but I loved it! They had a really nice mix of challenging and not-as-challenging moves. We used Ugi balls and light hand weights for props. I was happy to see that my cardio endurance was still really good even though I haven’t done Zumba in a while. By the end of the class we were all red, sweaty, and sore messes.

After class, we cleaned up and headed over to an Argo Tea for some catching up time. At $30 a class, it is pretty pricey, but we agreed we might take a class together here and there to mix our routines up a bit. Besides, we have definitely spent more than $30 at happy hours in the past, so I’d say it’s a much better use for our money. 🙂

I’m sore today, but not as sore as I thought I would be. Hopefully I can get through Pilates in one piece tonight!


2 thoughts on “Happy Hour Workout

  1. You had me until you mentioned the $30 price tag. That is steep for a class. I’m still on the fence about all of my $15 classes. But if it gets you moving then it is worth it.

    • Agreed! It’s even expensive by NYC standards. My friend and I are skeptical that they’ll be able to fill classes at that price, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for Groupons, etc.

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