Vacation Re-set

Phew. Has it been busy around here! I always think that I’ll have more time to blog later, but then later comes and it never happens. Sigh… I’m actually on a two week vacation (aka “staycation” aside from a quick jaunt to south Jersey to see my family), so what better time to get into a serious blogging habit, yes?

R and I have been very dedicated to our yoga and pilates classes, but we recently agreed to give hot yoga a break for a bit. He’s left the class feeling nauseated a few too many times and I personally don’t see a whole lot of benefit to the class right now. So he’s throwing in another Pilates class while I concentrate on Vinyasa and we’re going to give Iyengar a try on Saturday. This means that Thursday nights are another free night, so tonight we went for a long, medium-paced walk. I love walking around the neighborhood with him. It’s so nice to bond while doing something healthy!

I’ve also been getting in regular morning walks, and throwing in some jogging intervals, three mornings a week before work. I’m surprised at how quickly I’ve taken to early morning exercise. It’s such a nice way to start the day. I doubt I’ll be able to carry it into the fall and winter when it’s still dark at 6:00 a.m., but we’ll see. One thing yoga, Reiki, and meditation has taught me is that things are always changing and all we can do is adjust in that moment. It kind of takes the pressure off from looking to far ahead.

Speaking of changes, we’ve been making a lot of healthier changes around the KMB household, including turning to more natural products. It’s been a pretty eye-opening experience. More to come soon!


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