Plateau Woes

It’s time to get serious. I’m currently at the weight I’ve been for most of my adult life and I’ve been stuck here for a few weeks now. I’ve read that it’s pretty common for people to hit a plateau at a familiar weight and I’m pretty sure that’s what is happening now. So the plan this week is to get on the right track to get things moving again.

For me, this means tracking calories, ramping up my cardio, increasing water with lemon oil intake, and getting enough sleep. Since I’m still on vacation I have no excuse not to reach all of these goals. To help with the cardio aspect of things, I just bought a 20 class Groupon for an exercise studio around the corner from me specializing in Zumba. And you all know how much I love my Zumba!

The word of this week is “focus.” Wish me luck!


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