On the Path to Natural Living

For the past year or so I’ve been gingerly walking the path towards switching from chemical-laden, potentially harmful products, to products with more natural ingredients. I began by making a lot of my own cleaning products by following some recipes that I found on the IHeart Cleaning blog here. For the most part, they work really well and I’m happy knowing I’m doing something that is good for me, my husband, and the environment. Of course, there are still some situations that call for a little bleaching action so I keep a traditional cleaner on hand as well.

Gradually I started looking into natural remedies and herbal supplements. White willow bark capsules replaced Advil, Tom’s of Maine toothpaste replaced Crest, Crystal stick body deodorant replaced other brands, etc.

I’ve also become more aware of how much waste we create and tweaked things where I could. I use microfiber cloths for cleaning instead of paper towels. I use a Diva Cup instead of other feminine hygiene products (probably TMI, but I thought it’s worth sharing!), and we recycle products that wouldn’t otherwise be recycled through a great program called Terracyle. Right now we are only participating in the Dairy Tub Brigade and the Personal Care and Beauty Brigade, but we’ll probably join a few more in the next few months.

My latest, and most exciting discovery (to me, anyway), has been essential oils. R and I recently bought a diffuser and some oils to help with my sleeping issues and his sinus problems. It seemed to help a bit and we really loved the relaxing light and the way our bedroom smelled. A few weeks later a friend of mine invited me to her office to check out an essential oils kit that she had ordered through another friend. To my delight she also had a diffuser and the oil she was diffusing smelled amazing. She showed me the various oils in her kit. Told me a little bit about what each could be used for and invited me to join a FB chat to learn more about it all.

Well, I quickly became smitten, but was not sure that purchasing a whole kit (and signing up as a wholesale member) was for me, so I signed up as a retail customer and bought  a bottle of peppermint and a sample pack of Thieves(R). The peppermint quickly became my new go-to remedy for everything from sore muscles to indigestion and bloating. I diffused the Thieves(R) and added it to my next batch of cleaning supplies because it had anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. Plus it smells delicious.

Soon enough I was hooked and decided to switch to wholesale and buy the premium starter kit. It contains a home diffuser, 10 essential oils (singles and blends), an additional oil blend that you can turn into a roll on, sample packs, and other fun goodies.


I’ve since been sharing samples and my experience with all my friends and a few have become as hooked as I am. The best part about it is that you do not have to make any sales, sign-up any new members, etc. in order to benefit from the wholesale prices. All you have to do is purchase a starter kit (they range in price, but the premium starter kit is the best value if you can swing it) and then buy $50 worth of products each year. That will not be difficult, let me tell you! The quality of these oils is amazing: organic, chemical and synthetic free, therapeutic grade oils. So far I’ve diffused them to help with stress and sleep; made an anti-aging facial moisturizer with frankincense and lavender; made lavender lemonade; add lemon and peppermint to my water, and used peppermint and PanAway(R) for aching muscles. Even R has been impressed with them and agrees that this is a great investment for our health.

As I learn more about uses for the oils, being a part of this great company, etc. I’ll post about my experiences for anyone else who might be interested. In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions!





2 thoughts on “On the Path to Natural Living

  1. AC says:

    Hi KMB! I stumbled onto your blog from your Young Living page (via your twitter link). You have been on a great journey and I also look forward to learning more about essential oils, exercise, and other healthy endeavors too!

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