So Long, Plateau

Success! Last week I was FINALLY able to break through my month-long plateau. It’s only by 1.5 pounds, but I have consistently stayed there for a week, so I’m declaring it official!

I’m sure that adding in a few Zumba classes helped a lot. It felt so great to be back doing some serious cardio work. Happily, my stamina was pretty much the same as before. I was able to keep up with the instructor and do all the high-intensity variations. I also noticed how much more flexible and balanced I am. When we did jumping jacks in the past, I would favor my right side and put more weight on my left. Now I’m able to make sure my weight is evenly distributed.  I’m convinced more than ever that all of the yoga and Pilates I’ve been taking has really improved my core and alleviated some of my tight hip flexor issues. It’s nice to see all that time and effort paying off!

The first full week back to work was pretty good, but now we’re getting into the stressful preparation mode. I’m compiling check lists left and right. Also on the plate this week is the bridal shower I’m throwing for my future sister-in-law which is happening on Sunday. Everything seems to be under control so far (knock wood). Planning a shower from a different state is a little tough. Thank god for my amazing cousins who are helping out with the games and favors. They have been amazing.

My goal is to stay on track this week and really enjoy that slice of cake on Sunday. Here’s to another successful week ahead!


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