Progress & Plans

I’m sure everyone’s heard how the scale can be deceiving and is not necessarily the best measure of progress. Well, I can tell you that has been true for me. For the past few months the numbers on the scale have barely go down. I’ve pretty much been hanging around at the weight I’ve been for most of my adult life. While that is somewhat frustrating, I’m also wearing sizes that I last fit into about 15 years ago. I’ve also lost three more inches in my waist, one in my chest, and one in each of my arms since I last measured.

My yoga studio offers a barre fit class and I’ve attended it the past few Saturdays. I can honestly say it’s one of the most challenging classes I’ve ever taken and I love it. I took a similarly titled class at another fitness studio, but that was NOTHING compared to this class. The exercises make you sweat and your muscles shake uncontrollably at times. Apparently that’s the point. Rumor has it that this class is great for re-shaping and toning your body. I can’t wait to see what kind of results I get in another month or two.

Now that we’ve hit spring (although, it doesn’t quite feel that way temperature-wise) I’m going to get some early morning walks in a couple of times a week. It’ll be a nice addition to all the yoga, Pilates, and barre classes I’ve been taking.

With any luck (and let’s face it, some actual work), I will have some significant progress to report!


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