The Sunday Night Blues

When I was younger my dad always called the feelings of sadness, disappointment, and a little trepidation that seemed to emerge at the end of every weekend the “Sunday Night Blues.” I was amazed when he admitted that he also felt that way on Sunday nights. I didn’t realize that grown-ups sometimes hated their responsibilities as much as I did! Now, as a grown-up, I can fully confirm that the Sunday Night Blues do, indeed, still exist and when they hit me full force I end up with anxiety and insomnia. No fun!

Sunday Night Blues, aside, I had a pretty good week and weekend. I finished day 1 and 2 of C25K’s week 8. Day 1 wasn’t bad at all. I kept my pace slow and lowered the incline on the treadmill at the halfway point. Day 2 was tougher. I started at a slightly faster speed than usual and when I realized that it still felt rather easy I increased it again for about 5 minutes. I was happy with the interval, but I realized it was probably going to make the rest of the run tougher. Eventually I had to slow down and I ended up walking twice for 90 seconds. I’m pretty sure it was mostly a mental block. Unlike the last time I ended up needing to walk I didn’t beat myself up about it or count it as a failure. Yay for emotional progress! I should finish week 8 on Tuesday which means I’ll have completed the program. I’m still pretty shocked that I stuck with it, but there it is!

On Saturday afternoon I decided to do a little spring wardrobe shopping as a (slightly premature) reward for finishing the C25K program. I ended up with a few new tops, a spring dress, and jeans. Even though the scale has not moved in any significant way lately, I definitely saw a difference in the dressing room mirrors as well as in the clothing sizes I ended up with. Running will definitely remain a big component of my exercise schedule.

Well, I’m off to shut down the computer, drink some calming tea and try to get into a sleepy state of mind. Last week’s bout of insomnia early on left me exhausted by mid-week. I would really like to keep that from happening again!